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Ameritek U.S.A. established since 1976

Ameritek USA is a leading supplier of new and overhauled components for several of the world's armed forces. Our goal is to provide on-time, competitively priced service to the international market. Ameritek USA, Inc. operates out of Miami, Florida and is dedicated to providing unparalleled service and support of our Aviation, Oceanographic, & Ophthalmic product lines.

Aviation Products
Our primary focus is on Aviation Parts, and Support Equipment for Military and Commercial Aviation customers. We represent various product lines consisting of New & Re-manufactured with warranty Test Stands, stationary & portable. (Hydraulic, Pneumatic, Fuel Pump Test, Proof & Burst), Equipment for Shop, Hanger and Aircraft, Tugs, Bob Tail Trucks, Air Start Carts, Field Lighting Sets, Ground Power Units, Leakage Testers, Servicing Carts, Radar, Communications Equipment, Support of Major O.E.M. Parts, Engine Support, Airframe Support, Avionics & Instruments, Rotables, Insulating Sun Shields, Fuel cells, Metals, Alloys, Landing gear and more for Fighters, Helicopters, Cargo & Surveillance Aircraft.

Oceanographic Products
Ameritek USA Inc. offers Oceanographic Research and Marine Equipment consisting of various types of Mini Submarines,  Acoustic Releases, Sonar Equipment, Underwater Electronics used for measuring Current, Conductivity, Salinity, Temperature, Pressure, Depth, Wave Height, also we offer Water Samplers, Plankton Sampling Nets & Winches.

Ophthalmic Surgical Instrument
Chuxco Inc dba AMERITEK U.S.A. distributes the "Rare Earth Intraocular Magnet". It is an ophthalmic surgical instrument designed to remove magnetic foreign bodies. The instrument has been standardized by the U.S. Army, Issued a National Stock Number, and placed on the federal supply schedule. www.ameritekusa.com

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