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Wheeled & Tracked Vehicles
Specializing in aftermarket sales and service for the Cadillac Gage V150.


  • 5 Ton Models: Early, Late, & New Models. Cargo, Dump, Tractor, Wrecker, M800 and M900 Series Trucks.
  • 2 1/2 Ton Series: M34; M35; M47; M49; M50; M59; M108; M109; M185; (all configurations) including M35AZ Water and Fuel Tankers
  • HUM-V: All Versioins.
  • CUC-V: M1008, M1010 (all configurations).
  • JEEP: M151; M151A1; M151A2; MB; CJ2A; CJ3; CJS; CJ6; CJ7; CJ8; & J20's (all configurations).
  • ENGINES: R6602 5 Ton; LD465; LDT465; LDS465, 1A, AC, etc.; 331 2 1/2 Ton; 6.2; 261 Gas & Diesel; 1790 Gas & Diesel & Hercules engines.
  • TANKS: M113; M114; M41; M47; M48; M60; M2 Bradleys; M1A, M1A1 Abrams (including the various configurations).
  • COMMUNICATIONS EQUIPMENT: All types relating to C.E.C.O.M.
  • DIFFICULT VEHICLES: XM876; C-HETT, HEMMIT, & SEE; V100; V150; Dragoon 300's; FMTV's, LVT's; LAV's and also G.M. of Canada vehicles.

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