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Rare Earth Intraocular Magnet

 The Rare Earth Intraocular Magnet is especially designed for the atraumatic removal of magnetic intraocular foreign bodies. The precise, sleek design of this probe minimizes the "jumping effect" commonly observed with electromagnetic devises. Due to its 24K gold plating, the instrument also minimizes the possibility of secondary foreign body incarceration. The magnetic probe is non reactive with tissue. The intraocular magnet can be used with a limbal, open sky, or pars plana approach. The Rare Earth Intraocular Magnet can be utilized in the management of trauma caused by magnetic foreign bodies.

  20ga 16ga 8ga
Lifts pure iron ball
(12.5mm) dia
(19mm) dia
1 1/2"
(38mm) dia
Tip diameter 0.89mm 1.65mm 3.2mm
Tip length 30mm 43mm 50mm
Probe size 7.5mm diameter x 100mm long
Protecting material 24 carat gold (mil. specs)
Life expectancy Indefinite
Sterilization Autoclave & ETO

  • Non Electric

  • Autoclavable

  • 24K Gold Plated Tip

  • Compatible with Vitrectomy Systems

  • Clinically Tested and Used Worldwide

The Rare Earth Intraocular Magnet: (NSN 6540-01-349-6148) Standard 20 gauge (0.89 mm tip), Pull force: lifts pure iron ball 1/2" (12.5mm) dia. Special Order 16 gauge (1.65mm tip), Pull force: lifts pure iron ball 3/4" (19mm) dia.

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